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Dear developer, configuration window can not be minimized to taskbar. I can not sprint with shift button. i can not crouch with ctrl button. Please add daynight cycle. Please update game to directx12 with raytracing support. Playstation 3 gamepad was not tested. I can not set graphics option in the game. i can not set mouse sensitivity. I like closing game with esc button. God bless you.

Thanks for the feedback. I will hopefully fix the problems you noted. But I doubt I will ever add raytracing ( till it becomes cheaper and more mainstream :D ).

Looks very interesting. How to contact you by email about it?

Thank you. you can contact me on yahiazakaria13 at gmail dot com.

I'm looking forward the enhanced edition and I like the major idea in general .


Thank you. I am glad you liked the idea. I will work on enhancing it as soon as I can.